I was born and raised in Barcelona, ​​a cosmopolitan and charismatic city at an architectural, cultural, etc. level.
My childhood dreams were: to be an artist, to be a mom and to live in a wooden house in the middle of the woods and, little by little, I turned them into reality.

As a child I built my own toys with the useless objects that people threw and I was attracted by the fact of giving a new life to waste.

I also made my own jewelery, painted stones and turned them into dolls, built castles with wooden sticks… I never got bored.

I felt that I wanted to be an artist but my family cut my wings. At that time, in Spain, we lived under a fascist dictatorship. For various reasons, in my circle was not well seen being an artist, they also told me, most artists would starve.

I studied two careers related to communication and cultures. I learned to speak 8 languages, apart from my two mother tongues, Spanish and Catalan. I traveled a lot, not as a tourist, but working in different countries as an interpreter in Fairs and Congresses, as a tour leader, receptionist and public relations in international hotels and cruise ships, secretary in embassies, language teacher, flight attendant…

Not only I was interested in languages, but also the cultures of the countries in general, their customs, their music, their typical dishes, their sense of humor, etc. In order to communicate better with people.

I met Buddhism in Los Angeles in 1984, working as an interpreter at the Olympics.

After 10 years of Buddhist practice, those cut wings grew again. I had the courage to listen, attentively and without interference, to what my heart dictated: to be an artist.

Apparently, everything happened in a casual way, although Buddhist philosophy ensures that coincidences do not exist. All are causalities, the Law of cause and effect.

I was working in the SEAT car factory in Prat de Llobregat, which, due to some manufacturing problems, partnered with the German company Volkswagen. I was the interpreter of the German technical team and spent many hours in the factory, surrounded by containers of defective auto-mechanical components. What for them, were waste.

I was struck by the beauty and shape of some of the parts that make up the engine of a car. I asked permission to take some of those broken pieces to my house and I began to make paintings, hooking those metal pieces on pieces of wood.

The following year, I moved to Germany with my partner, who would later become the father of my son.

I was working as a teacher at two German universities, Mannheim and Heidelberg, and I had to get up very early to go to teach.

I used to make my paintings at night, because during the day, with my work and my son, I did not have time.

I remember that one morning, when the alarm clock rang to get up, I was still doing my paintings with the metal pieces, I had not even realized what time it was, I was enjoying my creativity and I felt that I was giving a new life to those waste.

This happened to me more than once. And one of those mornings, I did my Buddhist practice with the strong determination to turn that activity into my true profession. In my prayers I sent a big message to the universe, I felt as if I had a large army under my command and, reciting the mantra, all the soldiers agreed to work for my happiness and to turn my dreams into reality. So it was.

A few days later, I telephoned the Volkswagen managers in Germany, whom I had met in Spain, and asked them for an appointment to show them my paintings. I put them in the trunk of my car and drove three hours to the north of Germany.

When they saw them, they told me that it was the perfect timing for that, because they had just built a new spare parts factory with very modern offices, we entered through a metal and glass tunnel, and they did not know how to decorate it. They told me to measure some walls and spaces and they made a big order.

My first order !!!

I was very happy and overflowing with gratitude for that response to my prayers.

And not only that, but they also invited me to give a week-long workshop, aimed at those employees of the company who voluntarily wanted to participate. I had to teach them how to transform the pieces they worked with every day, into works of art and see them from another perspective. They wanted to do a psychological test to see if, after participating in that workshop, these people were more creative in their jobs. So it was.

And when they saw me in the factory they did not say: “look there is the interpreter”, but “look there is the artist”. And I, did not leave my astonishment, with my head held high, I was in full metamorphosis, as when a worm becomes a butterfly. Both the art workshop and the order of the paintings, posed immense challenges for me, and I wondered if I would be able to make it.

I also wondered how to value my paintings and was disoriented when putting a price on them. I found all the answers thanks to my daily Buddhist prayers.

Everything was a success, both the participants and the managers were very happy and I enjoyed it as never before. I felt like a fish in the water.

Before delivering the paintings, I took them to a photo studio and made a small album with professional photos. I moved back to Spain with a great injection of moral and decided to open a professional path to protect the environment through the revaluation of waste as a raw material for artistic creation.

I set up my own small business with the name of Ecoart-Didactic, as a non-profit entity. I designed some visit cards and some small catalogs with the photos I had, and I went for it. I had made more than 20 million daimoku (Buddhist prayers) in 10 years, which meant reciting the mantra several hours a day.

And for a couple of decades I felt like I was on a flying carpet. The rain of benefits has been spectacular. I have worked hard for environmental education, not only in Spain, but also in many other countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, decorating companies and institutions, giving workshops for children, adults, and teacher training, making exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, functional objects and design furniture, all of it made with waste. I have also given numerous conferences with titles such as:
“Waste as an artistic and educational resource”, or
“Waste as a resource for art, art as a resource for environmental education”.

I have published numerous articles in the press.
I have done many interviews and reports and there are about 50 videos on YouTube about my artistic career.

I had my own Television program on domestic ecology, in which every week I taught how to make useful objects for saving at home.

I communicated through art. This had become for me the most important language, a form of expression, through which I could transmit without words, and which went directly to the hearts of people.

Also, I have written and published several books.

One of them is already in the third expanded edition. It is a didactic guide that contains 325 art workshops with waste, things that you can do based on waste materials and has been awarded by the Department of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia. On the day of the awards ceremony, I felt like a celebrity at the Holliwood Oscars.

The last book I have published deals with the construction of houses with waste. Having a decent home is one of the human rights. Unfortunately, there are many people who do not have a house to shelter in. There are many poor countries in which the quality of life is painful, there is no infrastructure to manage waste, nor are there economic resources to build houses.

Reuseing waste such as bottles, cans, tires, etc. for construction, solves several problems at the same time: it reduces the excessive volume of waste that we generate and creates housing.

Without a doubt, we all come to this world with a mission. It is a great blessing to find it and be able to enjoy our work, instead of looking at the clock and impatiently desiring to finish our workday.

I wished it intensely and I can assure, after more than three decades of Buddhist practice, that ALL the prayers that we express sincerely, are answered. Absolutely ALL!
Although the answer is not immediate.

It is very likely that we will have to kiss some toads before finding our charming prince. Sometimes, we must go through a searching process, more or less long, until we reach our goals, such as discovering our mission in life and developing it.

The second president of the Soka Gakkai International (S.G.I.), Josei Toda, gave a very nice guide. He said, regarding the work, that it had to have three conditions:

1.- That you like what you do, that you enjoy it and you feel fulfilled when doing your work.

2.- That the activity that you develop is good for the planet.

3.- That it allows you to pay your bills and fill your fridge.

I feel very fortunate to have found this Buddhism and to have this wonderful tool to light my path. I wish with all my heart that all people find their way, and spread that happiness to others, inspiring them through the development of their mission and way of life. Art is also a powerful tool for this.

And one day… I moved to the forest!
Near Barcelona, ​​surrounded by nature, I built the wooden house of my dreams together with my children. We are in the middle of the woods, on top of a mountain, facing the sea, with stunning panoramic views.
Here time is transformed, while you watch the great blue, that subtle line where the sky and the sea meet, you breathe the aroma of the native aromatic species that grow in this place – rosemary, lavender, thyme, sage, laurel, mint, lemon balm, lemon verbena -, or listen to the subtle combination of the sound of silence with episodes of conversations between wild birds, dialoguing and singing harmoniously at certain times of the day.

Here I find the inspiration and peace that I need to create my art and write my books.

These wooden accommodations are ideal for you to come and enjoy a few days of rest in nature, feel the magic of this small and charismatic corner of paradise, strengthen the inspiration and raise the life condition.
It is a pleasure for me to attend my guests personally in different languages: Catalan, Spanish, French, English, German, Italian …
I love meeting our guests personally and recommending my favorite places, the corners where mass tourism does not go, the quiet beaches, the secret coves of the Costa Brava, the charming restaurants…

I like to decorate with care and exclusively all the accommodations, characterizing each one with its own history. bThey are all full of art works and small treasures to discover.

It’s like sleeping in a museum or in an art gallery.
If you want to see a small appetizer of the works of art that await you, I invite you to visit my professional website:


Thank you very much and welcome to ECOART!

Marta Soriano

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